Character Interview Blog Hop

I put out a call to see if there were any questions anyone would like me to put to members of the pack and here are the ones I received and the responses. The pack decided that the ones who would answer the questions are the ones whose books are already out, so I went off and met up with Perry, Charlie, Jake, and Daniel.
The questions I received were varied in type, some were specifically aimed at someone and others were more general. For the more general questions I let them decide amongst themselves who answered them.

Q: Perry, what do you plan on doing to Charlie’s father once he is caught?
Perry: That son-of-a-bitch is not Charlie’s father! And I’m going to rip his fucking head off!
(*Charlie walks up and rubs Perry’s arm and leans his head on Perry’s shoulder*)
Perry: (*Grumbling*) I need to know you are safe, Charlie.
Charlie: I always am when I’m with you.
Perry: Never letting you out of my sight again. (*Kisses the top of Charlie’s head*) Michaelson needs to die. He has caused too much pain and suffering. He might be human and subject to human laws but the human government cannot know about us so we will deal with him ourselves. He will die.

Q: Did you know that Charlie was still alive? I mean, can mates tell when the other one dies?
Perry: When shifters have claimed their mate they are bound to them, able to sense each other to some extent. If it is a true mating then a deeper connexion forms. In either case, if one of them dies then the other will know it. With Charlie, we had not claimed each other yet. Though we were fated mates, as we had not claimed each other there was no bond yet so I never knew for sure. I had to believe it though! I would have gone insane if I had let myself think that he had died. I never gave up hope.

Q: Charlie, what happened to your mother?
Charlie: She is still living in Penrith. I haven’t seen her yet, managed to avoid it so far. There is so much I want to say to her, to ask, but I don’t know where to begin.

Q: Does she know what happened to you?
Charlie: I don’t think so. None of the pack have spoken to her, but a couple have seen her from a distance. It is difficult to know without speaking to her, and as I said, I don’t know where to start with that. I will talk to her. I just need to have some idea of what I am going to say before I do and I need some time.

Q: How did she never see the hate your dad (eyeballs Perry) uh… I mean your step-dad. How did she never see the hate he had for you?
Charlie: How did I never see it before it was too late? Who knows (*Charlie shrugs*). The man is a psychopath. I guess he just got very good at hiding what was going on inside his head.

Q: Does anyone know if Michaelson has any more places like the one Charlie and the others were held?
Charlie: God, I hope not!
Daniel: I am actually working on that. I am looking for him and anything he might have been involved in, in the past and anything current. I have drawn a blank so far, but I will find him. There is no way he can hide from me forever.
Jake: If there are, we will shut those down too.

Q: Jake, after the BBQ that Perry held to celebrate your recovery, you felt like there was something out there in the woods, as though you were being watched or something. Did you ever discover what that was?
Jake: No. There–
Perry: What was this?
Jake: Sorry, Perry, I forgot to tell you. Wasn’t sure if it was necessary actually. You were off with Charlie and Cameron was… well… you know what he was doing.
(*Perry grins*)
Jake: Anyway, I had a last look around after everyone had left and I could have sworn something was in the woods, watching, but I could not pin it down. As you know, a lot happened with Cameron and the kids over the next couple of days. As soon as I remembered I went back to see if there was anything I could spot but there was nothing. Not a trace of a scent that did not belong.
Author: Um, if I may?
(*Jake and Perry nod*)
Author: There was someone out there. He has been lonely for a long time. He will find his mate in the pack but it may take a few years of your time. He did not mean to worry anyone. He is just a little… different. He is not something you have come across before, at least not knowingly.
Daniel: Ohhh… what is he?
(*Author and Jake both laugh*)
Author: You will have to wait and see, Daniel, just like everyone else.
Daniel: But you’re here! Can’t you tell us something?
Jake: Dee, leave her alone.
Author: It’s okay, Jake. I’m sorry to say that he may cause a little trouble before things are sorted out but you will all have to be patient with him. He really is very sweet.
(*Author turns to whisper to readers so the pack cannot hear*)
Author: His name is Sesarin. And the code word is ELEMENTAL. (*winks at readers and looks innocent when turning back to the pack*)

That is all we have time for today. Thank you all so much for reading the questions I put to the pack and their responses. I had a great time chatting to them (even if Daniel did continue to bug me for more info). I would be happy to pass along any further questions if there are any posted in the comments.

Characters who have answered questions so far
Perry and Charlie, from Alpha Second
Jake and Daniel, from Another Way to Hide
For other named characters please see ‘Violet’s books’ and ‘Work in Progress’ in the banner above.
Bye for now!

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By violetjoiceycowen

Today! (Aug 20th 2013)

Hi all 🙂

Today Rebecca Joyce has been kind enough to have me guest post on her blog. Today is also release day for my second book, Another Way to Hide. Today I also went and had lunch at Pizza Hut with a friend and my son (thank god I had my iPad with me or I would have never got to talk to my friend at all!).

Go on over to Rebecca’s blog to see my post and take a look around while you are there.

Violet. x

By violetjoiceycowen

Inspiration, perspiration, caffeine, snacks, and waiting.

Now you all get a peek inside my brain, which I have several times described to friends as having much in common with a flea on speed– jumping around all over the place with way too much going on all at once.

What do I do?

Random person: So, what do you do for a living?

Me: I’m a writer.

Random person: Oh, really? What do you write?

Me: Uh… I write erotic romance, mostly about gay men.


I cannot tell you how true this meme is! I think the funniest memes are ones that you find true and relevant because you either know someone it is perfect for, or it is highly appropriate for yourself and your own life. This one is me. This one is soooooo me!

How long does it take me to write a book?

I don’t really have an answer for that one. I mean, a phrase my grandfather used to say comes to mind– how long is a piece of string?

I do not write to a formula. I don’t have a plan set down that says all my books must be *this* long and must have things happen in *this* order or by *this* page number. As a result, it takes varying lengths of time for the first draft of each book to be written. Then I work on something else for a bit, then go back and do a second draft, then something else (maybe another first draft, maybe editing something else), and so on. There are many stages to a book being written. It is not that I start at the first page, write through to the end, type “the end” and send it off to the publisher. It is not that simple.

I am sure there might be writers out there who write in that way, and good for them if they can do it, but for the rest of us there are a lot more steps.

The only way I would be able to answer this question is to get a load of stopwatches and start the relevant one running every time I do any work on a particular book. I am just not organised enough for that I am afraid!

How does my day go?

What do I do all day? I guess that depends on my current level of inspiration. If the story is flowing then I can write and write and write, stopping only to top up my caffeine levels or grab a snack.

If things are not flowing quite so well at the time then comes the perspiration bit and I will either be working on edits, second/third/fourth drafts before sending off to a publisher, my character database (so I can keep everyone straight, and not double up on names, and remember what side characters look like), and other stuff.

There is a lot of tea– Earl Grey, please– and diet cola. There is also a lot of pizza and pasta when I am editing because they are easy and quick. If the weather is nice I take my laptop out into the garden, if it is not then I will either write in my study, bedroom, dining room, or round the corner in my local pub (they have a nice covered outdoor deck for when it is raining).

What am I working on right now?

Several things actually. Remember that “flea on speed” analogy? Well… yes.

I have just submitted my third book to my publisher. I am working on the third draft of the fourth book in the same series, the first draft of book 5, and the first draft of an unrelated book which will be the first in a trilogy which is set in another world. Ideas come all the time and I carry a notebook everywhere and have one beside my bed at night for when I wake with an idea in the night (I have had several good ideas come to me that way!). The ideas are all filed away for when I have time, though some insist on being written RIGHT NOW(!) and will not take no for an answer. When I get jumped by one of those I just go with it. I never turn my back on inspiration, not when the muse is using a sledgehammer anyway!

What books have I written?

I have one book that came out on the 13th of June 2013­ –


I also have my second book coming out on the 20th August 2013 –

vjc-wfp-anotherwaytohide 2

Only two more days to go!

Other books I am working on can be seen in the ‘Work in Progress’ section.

What else do I do?

I wait. I spend a lot of time waiting– for a response to a submission, for edits to come from my publisher, for the cover to be created, for the book to come out. Sure, I have things to distract myself with, more writing and other work, but it is always there, lurking in the back of my mind what I am currently waiting for. I check my email a couple of times a day normally, when the wait is on, that number can sneak up to over 20 times a day.

(Shhhh!! You did not hear me say that! I am not obsessive AT ALL!)

Other things I love doing– Playing pool, reading (of course), cooking, spending time with my son and other family, walking my dogs (both whippets), trying to sooth my crying wallet (from all the books I read), listening to music of all types, and the odd evening or lunch out with friends.

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me, I am taking part in a blog hop August 26-30th. If you would like to send me your questions then please do either in the comments on this post, or the blog hop post, or via FB and I will do my best to answer them.


Violet. xx

By violetjoiceycowen

Meet the Author/Character Interview Blog Hop

Did you ever read a book and wonder why on earth a particular character made THAT decision? Or, what their favourite book was as a child? Or, are there any foods they really cannot stand?

I am taking part in a blog hop August 26th-30th and will be posing just these types of questions for the characters in my Whithowe Forest Pack series. Perry, Charlie, Jake, Daniel, and all the others will be available to answer your questions!

If you have any questions you would like to know the answers to then please ask me.

By violetjoiceycowen

Another Way to Hide

AWTH is now available for pre-order over at BookStrand! I am super excited about my second release as I adore Jake and Daniel. All of my characters are special to me in their own ways (even the bad guys) but these two hold a couple of my ‘firsts’. They were the first book I actually finished the first draft of and one of their love scenes was the first I ever wrote (I will let you guess which one, lol).

I hope you like Jake and Daniel.

❤ Violet ❤ 

By violetjoiceycowen