Brothers in Shadow

My latest book will be released in a few days. Brothers in Shadow, Hari : Princes of Nilan’dane 3 tells Glare and Cesteru’s story and their fight against the enemy who’s been plotting against their family for so long.

Glare and Cesteru took me a long time to write and I hope you agree, they are worth the wait!


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Solomon’s Regret. And an apology from me.

So…… I have a new book out! It’s been a year since the last one and it’s about time. All the details will be found on the Whithowe page as soon as I have finished this post and go do that next!! It is called Solomon’s Regret, Vampires of Whithowe #1 (a sister series to my Whithowe Forest Pack books). I will be uploading the very pretty cover and buy links.


Confession and apology.

I sincerely apologise to everyone who took part in the giveaway for my last release. If you follow me at all you will know I have battled depression since I was a young child and the last two years have been a struggle. I somehow managed to get through all the blog posts and other stuff I had arranged around the release of Captive Mates last year, but then my life hit a wall and everything went to hell. My depression and anxiety kicked off big time and I had to pull back from everything. I didn’t have the mental energy to be able to sort out the end and prizes for the giveaway. And I’m so sorry for that. I still had a really hard time coping with day-to-day stuff. I got a little better by spring, but the last couple of months have been kicking my butt again.

I’m fighting through it and won’t ever give up.

Violet. x

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Apologies to anyone who came looking for the word of the day yesterday. My son has been sick this week and I have fallen behind on everything. As there isn’t a blog post elsewhere today you will be able to use this as todays word of the day for the giveaway. There are still a few days between now and the close of the giveaway where there will be no fresh blog posts. on those days you can go back and use any of the previous words you might have missed. As long as there are no multiple entries from the same person using the same word, I will count each entry as valid. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about with the word of the day and the giveaway, please see my previous post “Captive Mates Blog Tour and Giveaway”.

Word of the day: Metamorphose.

Good luck in the giveaway and happy reading!

Violet. x

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Captive Mates Blog Tour and giveaway

I am very excited to announce the forthcoming release of my new book, Captive Mates, on the 9th July. It is my first menage and features Isaac, Keiron, and Ari. To celebrate my upcoming release (the first in a while) I am doing a blog tour and giveaway. Thank you to all the lovely people who will be hosting me as I do the rounds!!

Prizes for the giveaway consist of two $10 Amazon gift cards (separate prizes), a copy of Captive Mates (or a book from my backlist), and one copy of any one book from my backlist. Some of the ways to enter can be done daily for more entry points so don’t forget to keep entering for more chances to win! I will edit this post as I go and add any more people who will be hosting me.

As the blog posts go live, I will be changing as many of these url links as i can so they will take you directly to my post.

29th June – JC Wallace –

30th June – Kelsie Belle

1st July – Honor James

2nd July – Doris O’Connor

4th July – Garrett Leigh!blog/c112v

6th July – Elin Gregory

6th July – Allyson Young

7th July – Chris Sweeso

8th July – E.a. Reynolds

9th July – HERE on my blog

11th July – RJ Scott

13th July – Hennesee Andrews

14th July – Maia Dylan!blog/c112v

15th July – Jay Northcote

16th July – word of the day: Metamorphose

17th July – word of the day: Reform.

Whew! *wipes forehead* That’s all of them so far. It’s a lot, right? There will be a little something different on each post so I hope you will come on the tour and visit each stop with me. The giveaway will open 29th June and close 25th July. For details on the different ways to enter please click on the Rafflecopter link below.

Happy reading! Violet. x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Haford Bridge stories withdrawn

Today I made a decision which I have been thinking about for a couple of days. I have withdrawn both my stories Waiting for Sam and Caleb’s Cache from publication. I believe the stories and characters from both deserve more than I have done with them so far and will be reworking and heavily expanding both. I will post more information as to what I will be doing with them after they are finished once more as it becomes available.

Thank you to everyone who published copies of either.

Violet. x

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Caleb’s Cache

I have a new story out!! Meet Caleb Grant and Clay Connors, employer and employee in a shop called Aladdin’s Cave in the town of Haford Bridge…

Calebs cache jpeg

Inheriting his great-uncle’s second hand and pawn shop, Caleb Grant uproots his life in London, quits his job, and moves back to the small Yorkshire town where he grew up. Overwhelmed by the enormous task of emptying the decades of accumulated items, he is pleasantly surprised by the existence of an employee by the name of Clay Connors. As the items are cleared out, Caleb finds himself falling in love.

Caleb is everything Clay wants in a man, but Clay has secrets and he isn’t sure if Caleb is ready to hear them. When he is forced to confess earlier than he ever wanted, will the two men be pulled together or pushed apart?

Now available on Amazon Kindle, All Romance ebooks, and Smashwords.

Please see Haford Bridge page for links

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She’s Aliiiiive!

Good god, we have progress!

All the stories and characters running around in my head have been refusing to make it to the page for a while now, but finally progress has been made on two different stories. Woot!!

Writers block is horrible and I hate it. its not a lack of stories which plague me, just the ability to translate what is going on in my head into words I can put down on a page. I get an idea for what my characters are up to, go to my computer or grab a pen, and … blughhhhh… nothing! No words. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So apologies to anyone following any of my series. There will be more and I will get the stories out as soon as they let me!

Violet. x

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Twitter, I have arrived! Also, NaNoWriMo…

Yeah, I know I have been conspicuous by my absence for a while, home life has been kind of taking over. I am trying to catch up with everything and everyone. In the meantime, I am still on Facebook and now (as of yesterday) I am on Twitter. my brand new, shiny Twitter account is under @VioletJCBooks and on Facebook I am Violet Joicey-Cowen.

NaNoWriMo is on its way far quicker than can be prepared for, which is okay as I am a total pantser anyway. It all goes horribly wrong if I try to plot things ahead of time. I am hoping that NaNo gives me the helping hand/kick up the butt that I need to get me writing regularly again and I can get some stories finished. I am nearly done with Caleb’s Cache, about 8-10k from finishing Captive Mates, halfway through Miles and Sesarin’s story, and Glare and Cesteru will be my focus for NaNo. I want to get them all done and dusted soon so keep checking back!

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Waiting for Sam

The first story in a collaborative series with the talented Mari Evans and myself is now available. Waiting for Sam is a YA contemporary short about the coming out of two young men and the fallout they experience. Here is the blurb!

17 year old Adam never thought the gorgeous and confidant Sam Graham would go for a guy like him, but then Sam stunned Adam by making the first move. Months later, they decide the time has come for their families to be told they are gay.

Scared and desperate when Sam disappears, Adam searches for his boyfriend. Can their relationship survive the test of what happens when one of their closest family members will do anything to tear them apart?

This is the gorgeous cover by the amazing Meredith Russell…

Waiting for Sam 400x600

Waiting for Sam is available on Amazon, A.R.E, and Smashwords and its affiliated sites.

Amazon UK –

Please copy and paste the above URL as the link does not seem to work. In other countries go to the Amazon kindle store for your country and do a search for the name Violet Joicey-Cowen (and the UK too if that is easier!).

All Romance –

Smashwords –

Please note, any adult filters need to be switched off in order to find this story as there is adult content.

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