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I put out a call to see if there were any questions anyone would like me to put to members of the pack and here are the ones I received and the responses. The pack decided that the ones who would answer the questions are the ones whose books are already out, so I went off and met up with Perry, Charlie, Jake, and Daniel.
The questions I received were varied in type, some were specifically aimed at someone and others were more general. For the more general questions I let them decide amongst themselves who answered them.

Q: Perry, what do you plan on doing to Charlie’s father once he is caught?
Perry: That son-of-a-bitch is not Charlie’s father! And I’m going to rip his fucking head off!
(*Charlie walks up and rubs Perry’s arm and leans his head on Perry’s shoulder*)
Perry: (*Grumbling*) I need to know you are safe, Charlie.
Charlie: I always am when I’m with you.
Perry: Never letting you out of my sight again. (*Kisses the top of Charlie’s head*) Michaelson needs to die. He has caused too much pain and suffering. He might be human and subject to human laws but the human government cannot know about us so we will deal with him ourselves. He will die.

Q: Did you know that Charlie was still alive? I mean, can mates tell when the other one dies?
Perry: When shifters have claimed their mate they are bound to them, able to sense each other to some extent. If it is a true mating then a deeper connexion forms. In either case, if one of them dies then the other will know it. With Charlie, we had not claimed each other yet. Though we were fated mates, as we had not claimed each other there was no bond yet so I never knew for sure. I had to believe it though! I would have gone insane if I had let myself think that he had died. I never gave up hope.

Q: Charlie, what happened to your mother?
Charlie: She is still living in Penrith. I haven’t seen her yet, managed to avoid it so far. There is so much I want to say to her, to ask, but I don’t know where to begin.

Q: Does she know what happened to you?
Charlie: I don’t think so. None of the pack have spoken to her, but a couple have seen her from a distance. It is difficult to know without speaking to her, and as I said, I don’t know where to start with that. I will talk to her. I just need to have some idea of what I am going to say before I do and I need some time.

Q: How did she never see the hate your dad (eyeballs Perry) uh… I mean your step-dad. How did she never see the hate he had for you?
Charlie: How did I never see it before it was too late? Who knows (*Charlie shrugs*). The man is a psychopath. I guess he just got very good at hiding what was going on inside his head.

Q: Does anyone know if Michaelson has any more places like the one Charlie and the others were held?
Charlie: God, I hope not!
Daniel: I am actually working on that. I am looking for him and anything he might have been involved in, in the past and anything current. I have drawn a blank so far, but I will find him. There is no way he can hide from me forever.
Jake: If there are, we will shut those down too.

Q: Jake, after the BBQ that Perry held to celebrate your recovery, you felt like there was something out there in the woods, as though you were being watched or something. Did you ever discover what that was?
Jake: No. There–
Perry: What was this?
Jake: Sorry, Perry, I forgot to tell you. Wasn’t sure if it was necessary actually. You were off with Charlie and Cameron was… well… you know what he was doing.
(*Perry grins*)
Jake: Anyway, I had a last look around after everyone had left and I could have sworn something was in the woods, watching, but I could not pin it down. As you know, a lot happened with Cameron and the kids over the next couple of days. As soon as I remembered I went back to see if there was anything I could spot but there was nothing. Not a trace of a scent that did not belong.
Author: Um, if I may?
(*Jake and Perry nod*)
Author: There was someone out there. He has been lonely for a long time. He will find his mate in the pack but it may take a few years of your time. He did not mean to worry anyone. He is just a little… different. He is not something you have come across before, at least not knowingly.
Daniel: Ohhh… what is he?
(*Author and Jake both laugh*)
Author: You will have to wait and see, Daniel, just like everyone else.
Daniel: But you’re here! Can’t you tell us something?
Jake: Dee, leave her alone.
Author: It’s okay, Jake. I’m sorry to say that he may cause a little trouble before things are sorted out but you will all have to be patient with him. He really is very sweet.
(*Author turns to whisper to readers so the pack cannot hear*)
Author: His name is Sesarin. And the code word is ELEMENTAL. (*winks at readers and looks innocent when turning back to the pack*)

That is all we have time for today. Thank you all so much for reading the questions I put to the pack and their responses. I had a great time chatting to them (even if Daniel did continue to bug me for more info). I would be happy to pass along any further questions if there are any posted in the comments.

Characters who have answered questions so far
Perry and Charlie, from Alpha Second
Jake and Daniel, from Another Way to Hide
For other named characters please see ‘Violet’s books’ and ‘Work in Progress’ in the banner above.
Bye for now!

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By violetjoiceycowen

13 comments on “Character Interview Blog Hop

    • Jake wanted to take this one.

      Jake: For some, knowing there is someone out there who is absolutely perfect for you is extremely comforting. It can get you through a lot but you tend to hold off on getting involved in a serious relationship because you know you will meet THAT person one day. Waiting to meet that person can be very hard, some wait hundreds of years. Of course some people do not wait, or they get tired of waiting and they settle down with someone else who makes them happy. If that happens and they then meet their mate, there can be a lot of heartache.
      That heartache comes for other reasons, too. When I thought Dee was straight… (*Jake pauses*) I could not think of being with anyone else once I had met him. How could I? Because of that, I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life, that fate had made a mistake.
      Even when fated mates meet it does not mean that everything will be perfect for them. Things happen, life gets in the way, just the same as it does for everyone else. So I guess, with everything, it can make it harder. But when you meet your fated mate, as long as you keep talking to each other, it can make the love you do find so much richer and it will last forever.

    • A certain young member of the pack will be rather reluctant when they meet their mate, and their mate will have to work very hard indeed to win him over.

      Another two members of the pack think they are made only for each other, not realising that they have a third mate. When he gets back and finds them together it hurts him and they have a lot of wooing to do to win him back.

      Nearly every unmated member of the pack would love to meet their fated mate or mates. Some will have to work harder than others when they eventually meet them.

      Lol, I cant really say more without giving away spoilers!

  1. Hi everyone! (looking around with a BIG grin). Does anyone know what’s going on with Trace and her mate and If they’ll be around much?? And Jake?? How in the world did your wolf allow you to remain rational and sane for soooo long without claiming your mate??? Or being around him even if you thought he was straight? (hands Violet a piece of chocolate…. The good kind, while secretly drooling over Jake).

    • Author: I will take the first part. Hi there, Ericka, thank you for the chocolate . Trace and Kasey are not part of the pack but they are friends with them and live locally. They will keep showing up. (*whispers to Ericka*) they try to help out when Astley gets into difficulties in book four.
      Daniel: What was that last bit?
      Jake: Dee.
      Daniel: Oh, come on! Fine. (*sits back and pouts*)
      Jake: (*grins at Daniel, then looks back around*) The more dominant your wolf is, the more problems you have holding it back from claiming your mate when you first meet.
      Perry: I’ll say. It wasn’t easy holding back when I thought that was what Charlie needed. No offense, Jake, but your wolf is not an Alpha, it must have been easier for you.
      Jake: Easier, yes, but not easy. Our wolves are not exactly separate entities, though we do talk about them as such, a lot. They are just us, with our instincts supercharged. It got less difficult over time, as the, wrong, information that he was straight truly settled in.
      (*Daniel gets up, climbs on the sofa and shoves Jake forward a little, and then slides in behind him. He sits so Jake is between his legs and wraps his arms around Jake’s waist*)
      (*Author is eyeballing Daniel because he climbed all over the sofa in his shoes*)
      (*Daniel goes pink, which Jake cannot see*)
      (*Author smirks*)
      Jake: (*rests a hand over Daniel’s, at his waist*) You are right, Perry, I am not an Alpha. I acted as one for a while because my men needed me to but because my wolf is not naturally as dominant as I had to be, it was easier to hold back. I got to know him. He became my friend and I fell in love the human way. (*pulls Daniel’s arms tighter around his own waist and holds on to them*) I was just happy to have whatever I could from him, even if it was only his friendship.

    • The series is still open ended. Along with the two already released and the three on my WIP page I have another 7 couples (and triads) to write books for. some of them I have begun and some are still only rather vivid characters whose wants and needs I already know. I have not put these on the WIP page yet because I am working on the order they will come in and I need to be further along on writing some of them before I can decide that.
      New characters are always popping up demanding their mates and their own books and I hope everyone in the pack will get their own story eventually, so this may take quite a lot of books!
      I am having so much fun writing about the Whithowe Forest Pack. I hope to continue with them for a long time.

  2. I Loved the interview and I love shifters! I’m so glad I decided to follow this blog hop and find authors new to me! I can’t wait to start reading all of these new books! 🙂

    • That’s wonderful, Tammy! I love finding new authors, too. This is the first blog hop I have taken part in and I have had a lot of fun with it. It has been great over the last few days with people asking questions in the comments section as well as in the original post. I hope you enjoy all the new books from all of us 🙂

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