Haford Bridge

Violet Joicey-Cowen & Mari Evans

Haford Bridge

 A series of short stories set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Haford Bridge

Caleb’s Cache, release date 6th Feb 2015 – unpublished 17th May 2015 prior to reworking and expanding the story.

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Inheriting his great-uncle’s second hand and pawn shop, Caleb Grant uproots his life in London, quits his job, and moves back to the small Yorkshire town where he grew up. Overwhelmed by the enormous task of emptying the decades of accumulated items, he is pleasantly surprised by the existence of an employee by the name of Clay Connors. As the items are cleared out, Caleb finds himself falling in love.

Caleb is everything Clay wants in a man, but Clay has secrets and he isn’t sure if Caleb is ready to hear them. When he is forced to confess earlier than he ever wanted, will the two men be pulled together or pushed apart?

Waiting for Sam, release date 11th Aug 2014 – unpublished 17th May 2015 prior to reworking and expanding the story.

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17 year old Adam never thought the gorgeous and confidant Sam Graham would go for a guy like him, but then Sam stunned Adam by making the first move. Months later, they decide the time has come for their families to be told they are gay.

Scared and desperate when Sam disappears, Adam searches for his boyfriend. Can their relationship survive the test of what happens when one of their closest family members will do anything to tear them apart?



10 comments on “Haford Bridge

  1. I really enjoyed your story with Charlie & Perry. The plot was very interesting and I liked the way it took months for them (Charlie in particular) to recover before resuming their mating. Are you going to resolve the loose ends of Charlie’s step-father and the scientists?

  2. Perry and his pack WILL catch up with Charlie’s step-father and he will get what is coming to him but there are some other things that need to happen first 😉
    I am very happy you enjoyed the book and hope you like the ones to come.
    Violet. x

    • Hi Cali, sorry I haven’t been around for a while, real life stuff. back at it now and things are progressing. nearly got Captive mates done and have a story in another series which should be out in Feb.

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