14 random things

There is a chain thing going around on Facebook, you get tagged and have to post 14 random things about yourself, then tag others. Well, I did that, and now am posting my 14 things here as well.


1. I do most of my writing on my bed, in a pub near me called The Den, or in my local Café Nero.
2. When I am worrying about something, I cook, but when I am stressing badly, I clean. I apparently do not get stressed enough.
3. despite a pair of tights covering the slatted top, my baby stick insects keep escaping. I keep finding them on the ceiling in the sitting room and have to get a chair to catch them and put them back in the tank. on the same note, when are the eggs I collected from my grown up stick insects months ago going to finish hatching??? they have had over 100 hatch by now! enough already.
4. As I was writing this I spotted a friend across the street waiting for his bus to work. I waved him over to the café and learned that he has a presentation to do today for a possible promotion, so I wish him lots of luck!!
5. I love music. I mean LOVE music. I can listen to all sorts of things and have very eclectic tastes. my ‘writing’ playlist contains songs by the Black Veil Brides, The Black Seeds, Caro Emerald, Vanessa Mae, Seth Lakeman, Adam Lambert, Chris Crocker, Marvin Gaye, Rizzle Kicks, Rudimental, Jefferson Airplane, and others
6. I have two whippets, they shed endlessly, they bark at everything, and they chew up my sofa cushions, but I love them to pieces. also, I swear the younger one has no brain.
7. When I was fourteen, I nearly had a nervous breakdown. my maternal grandfather had died a few months before, so had my father (who I had never met and now never would), and I found out I had a half brother who I would likely never meet as he was being adopted. add to all that my schizophrenic mother and teenage hormones, I was a mess. (thank goodness for my maternal grandmother and second husband who raised me!)
8. I currently have 711 friends on facebook.
9. my favourite alcoholic drink is Malibu (with diet coke). I had it for the first time when I was 15 and have been drinking it ever since. not that I get the chance much these days, but when I do have a glass of something, that is what will be in it.
10. I hate it when I am playing pool and a guy tries to tell me how to play. I am on a league team, a county team, and have 7 cues. I know how to play, now bog off!!
11. I cant stand sprouts, cooked mushrooms, or egg whites on their own. *shudders* its the texture of the last two and the flavour of the first.
12. I make a dam good Sunday roast (chicken, beef, leg of lamb, whatever), with fab gravy and other trimmings.
13. Harrogate is home for me. I have tried living in other places three times and run back to Harrogate after little more than a year every time. I love to visit other places and countries, but will always come back here.
14. my hair annoys me. it is too fine to straighten as it needs product but becomes lank with said product, and it is too curly to cut short as I look stupid with candyfloss frizz around my head.

So, there you go.

Violet. x

By violetjoiceycowen