birthday blog

Birthday blogging.

Finding this rather hard to write for some reason. I’m a bit baffled by this as I feel like I have had loads happen to me in the last few months and would love to talk about all of it. I keep deleting and retyping everything because it just isn’t coming out as I want it to. You ever have those days? I wouldn’t quite call it writers block, more like writers hurdles!

So anyway(away we go), since I created my author profile on fb and started making friends I have noticed a few of those friends having competitions and special blog stories around their birthdays. I am rather too new at all this being ‘out there’ and blogging to do anything else right now as I am still juggling my life to fit everything in. Maybe next year I will get there (or the year after! Baby steps! Lol).

The one story I started writing kind of took over and has a life (and a world) of its own. I have now finished its second draft (it’s novella length) and first drafts of a further three in the same series, started the fifth story and have ideas and characters laid down for books 6, 7, 8 and 9 and other characters that I just know will come knocking with their own stories for me to tell one day. Whew!

I started my blog and have been serialising the first few chapters of the first book in the series(putting my work out there for the world to see for the first time – NERVE WRACKING!!!), positive responses so far and I think I may have just got myself an editor! Woo hoo!! (I know you have been following my blog, you know who you are! And thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope it is a good thing for both of us. xxxxx)

I have met some lovely people through my author page, other writers (successful and just starting out), editors, publishers, cover artists and readers of the genre. Some I have talked to more than others and some I have got on very well with! Lots of laughs, reading works in progress for each other and some I have even met in person.

This time last year I was not in a very good place, I was living somewhere that while it was a very nice place was just not right for me and I was very unhappy there. I moved back to the place I consider home in August and over the next couple of months my writing took off. I have been writing loads and made a lot of new friends since then. I hope that the next year will be full of more writing and keeping up with all of YOU and your news. You never know, I may even get published by the time my next birthday comes around! (keep your fingers crossed for me!) WATCH THIS SPACE!! No really, watch this space, ‘cause I will be shouting it all over my blog the moment I get accepted by a publisher.

Love you all!

Violet. xx

By violetjoiceycowen