Coming Soon

Vampires of Whithowe #1, Solomon’s Regret – projected for release 13th September.


Keep checking back!

Please see Work in Progress page for info on all my current projects.


29 comments on “Coming Soon

  1. Hello! How are you doing hon? I hope this finds you well and elbow deep in writing. Any news on when next book will be available? I read Captive Mates in one sitting!! It was/is THAT AWESOME!!

    • Hi Caligirl, writing is going so slowly at at the moment and I’m so sorry for that! The word count on Solomon’s Regret is edging upward though and as soon as I have info on release dates, they will be up on here. glad you enjoyed Isaac, Ari, and Keiron’s story 🙂 definitely a challenge as it was my first menage book!

  2. You are fine hon…you take care of you. I will be here waiting. When you write the three MMF or will it be MMF…how will that work? Wink wink

  3. That particular one will be a while yet. I have about another 5k to write on Sol and Freddie, then the rest of Glare and Cesteru (Hari: Princes of Nilan’dane #3), then Raff and Ves, then the rest of Miles and Sesarin. then it will be Merc, Jase, and Milly’s turn.

    • I’ve been working hard. I don’t know where in the world you live, but I’m in the UK and we have a con here – UK LGBTQ Fiction Meet. It was the first weekend in September and it was a blast as always. Really great to see other writers again and meet some readers. It’s always a great boost 😀 I’m now hard at work on the next Vampires of Whithowe book. x

    • Travel to other countries is extremely limited at the moment. My son and I went on holiday to Greece this year and it was our first time away in 11 years. There are so many places I would love to visit! If I ever get over to the States again I will let you know 🙂

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