starting over, part 1

Starting over again can be all sorts of fun.

Like –

I read my first m/m erotic romance a few months back and now love them. I have been a big reader since I was tiny and started getting obsessive about having pen and paper with me (and a book, just in case!) everywhere I went from around age 12, so I could whip them out and write down the people and plot lines that popped into my head at a moment’s notice.

I grew up with a rather complicated family life, but let’s face it 2.4 kids, a white picket fence and a Labrador isn’t exactly the standard serve these days! In my opinion that can be a good thing. I remember listening to a song called ‘little boxes’ on vinyl when I was a kid. It was one of several records in a smallish collection that belonged to my grandparents. I remember liking the song, the lyrics and the catchy melody, but the older I got the more the words really stuck. It was a satire about conformity and the houses and the people in them all looking ‘just the same’. I still get a slight ‘ughh’ reaction when I think of what the song is talking about. People are not all the same, nor should they be! I like people to be different, different colours, religions, sexual orientation, you name it! It’s what makes the world such a wonderful place to be.

But I digress…

My grandparents brought me up. They are wonderful people and goodness knows where I could have ended up if they hadn’t taken me in when I was 18 months old, then adopted me when I was 5. I can just about recall sitting in front of a desk with a man on the other side asking me if I wanted to live with my grandparents forever. I guess that was my first new start, being taken in then adopted by my mother’s mother and her second husband (who she married when my mum was about 10). I went to boarding school, which I loved, all-girls till I was 16, then a co-ed one. I actually left school a term early for various reasons, and got the first of many bar jobs. No it wasn’t just any job I could get, though the first may have been, but I honestly loved bar work and met lots and lots of lovely people while doing it. Maybe more about that, and other me stuff, another time.

Violet. x

By violetjoiceycowen

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